Our proprietary Branding and Business Development Process (123BBD™) is a highly efficient business tool that provides your company with precise guidelines to enable its long-term corporate brand and business development strategy. Its conception and refinement took several years of collective hard work and the results are remarkable. 123BBD™ is designed to be used with equal effectiveness by manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters, wholesalers retailers, agents and representatives, and in general by businesses of all types and sizes, from around the world.

123BBD™ takes into account the proven principles and the latest advancements in branding, design, marketing, business and technology and puts them into a simple, understandable and easy to use matrix. The three (1, 2, 3 - hence the name of our firm) synergetic components of it are:

1. Branding. With the help of branding we transform your business in to an attractive, innovative and most importantly, a recognizable brand. We build/rebuild your Brand Identity as a unique enabler of your business organizational culture and lasting uniqueness. In doing that, we help you define, enhance and manage your company's overall formulation of identity and image (brand's intangibles).
2. Product development. Through product development we build effective custom-crafted solutions for your particular sets of product design and development needs. We provide you with a well-defined product strategy that is crucial to achieving your company's business objectives. Than we follow through in assisting you to create, design and manufacture branded products and services of a distinct identity that are fully aligned with your brand's individual characteristics (brand's tangibles).
3. Communication design. By employing the latest advancements in communication design we provide you with effective solutions that will have a positive impact on your off/online corporate identity, Web design, multimedia, trade show design, advertising, etc. In essence, we are putting your brand in front of the outside world to communicate a positive message about your company's values and strengths (brand's tangibles).

In essence, the process allows us to:

1. Build a new brand from idea to launch
2. Manage the brand
3. Evolve the brand

To best suit your business' needs, target and budget we offer three levels of services:
  1. Essential (a vital/mandatory branding programme for all)
2. Full Extent (a complex, multifaceted branding and business development programme for medium to large companies)
3. Evolve (rebranding/evolution of an existing brand)

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