Branding: Mediocrity's enemy.
Peter Montoya

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.
Walter Landor

The identity of an organization if formed by its personality, philosophy, values and mission. This is the core of what an organization is.
Nicholas Ind, Living the brand

Image is a reality. It is the result of our actions. If the image is false and our performance is good, it's our fault for being bad communicators. If the image is true and reflects our bad performance, it's our fault for being bad managers. Unless we know our image, we can neither communicate nor manage.
David Bernstein

In a world that is ever more complex and sophisticated, brands stand out as beacons of familiarity and reliability. As reference points with known characteristics with which consumers can identify and trust. As symbols of hope and new prosperity in the fast emerging markets of the world. As vehicles for delivering continuously improving value." For owners of brands..., the successful management of brands depends on a never ending quest to bring the brand closer to the consumer's ideal. In a dynamic economy, brands are not only a guarantee of quality and replicability, they are also the means for delivering innovation. Innovation which depends on the long term commitment of brand owners to make substantial investment in the future of their brands."

Brands speak a universal language understood by consumers and CEOs alike. Consumers use brand identities to make choices between products and services, while CEOs understand brands as one of their companies' most valuable assets. Brands are indeed powerful. The most powerful and valuable brands are carefully developed assets that flourish as the result of research-based strategy.

By aggressively competing on features and price, it's been difficult for companies to create meaningful and lasting differences from their competitors. The customer is in effect buying a commodity and has no sense of brand loyalty because little is known about the company making the product or about service after the sale. So today most companies are already underway with branding campaigns to differentiate their products through the companies behind them.
Institute for International Research (IIR) USA

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