Located in Toronto, Canada, 123brand.com is a full service branding and business development consultancy specialized in the consumer lifestyle industries and markets. Our mission is to help the local and the international business communities define, create, build and manage their brand. Our purpose is to enable businesses achieve their strategic and commercial objectives.

We provide high-impact branding and business development solutions with low-impact investment, solutions that make your business stronger, nationally and internationally.

We take your business to a higher level by transforming it in to an attractive, innovative and recognizable brand. We build, rebuild and/or evolve your brand identity as a unique enabler of your business organizational culture and lasting uniqueness (Branding). Next, we extend all the characteristics of your brand throughout the entirety of your offer (Product Development), and afterwards we follow through by putting your brand in front of the outside world to communicate a positive message about your company's values and strengths (Web and Communication Design). And when everything is said and done we assist you identify, evaluate and pursue new business growth opportunities, nationally and internationally.

We help you build your personal and/or your business brand. Next, it's up to you to build and maintain a great reputation on that.

We make your business a great brand that makes a positive and memorable impact on itself and on its audience, offering a sense of employee and customer attachment, at the same time informing the world that your offer (products and services) is not only better and stronger than that of your competitors, but it is the best and the most viable on the market, today. Moreover, we not only respond to what you define as your needs today, but we collaborate with you in projecting your future growth as well.

Our work is about making sure that when buyers and consumers think of you, of your product or service category, they would automatically think of your brand.

We are a virtual organization formed of consultants. We are operating in conjunction with a global partner team comprised of strategic thinkers, branding, business, design, communication and sales specialists from North America and Europe.

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